Engine: 125cc Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, Fuel Injection

Transmission: 4 Speed

Weight: 225lbs or 102kg

Seat Height: 29.7″ or 750mm (28.1″ or 714mm on our lowered unit)

There are not many motorcycles out there that are as easy to ride as the Honda Grom. Don’t let the smaller wheels fool you; this is a legitimate motorcycle with all the typical motorcycle controls. It’s low seat height, low weight and super small turning radius provide even the most intimidated new rider the confidence to learn how to ride. The Grom is also one of the funnest machines on the range and is a favorite among-st some of the instructors. We have even equipped our fleet with one lowered Grom, thanks to aftermarket lowering brackets and a modified shorter kickstand for students requiring an even lower seat height.


Engine: 125cc Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, with Fuel Injection

Transmission: 4 Speed

Weight: 225lbs or 102kg

Seat Height: 31.7″ or 805mm

Not to be out done by the Honda and it’s Grom, Kawasaki brings forward their version. The Z125 Pro is just as easy to ride as it’s competition from Honda. The Z125 Pro gets just enough power from it’s air-cooled single cylinder power plant and is mated to a traditionally shifted 4 speed transmission. Take a spin on the Kawasaki and then try out the Honda. Which one will you prefer?


Engine: 300cc Liquid Cooled, Single Cylinder, with Fuel Injection

Transmission: 6 Speed

Weight: 355lbs or 160kg

Seat Height: 30.9″ or 785mm

While our CBs are considered to be “Beginner Bikes” by the motorcycle world, most of our range exercises favor smaller and lighter machines. Though this bike might be better suited for our confident students, we hope every student that is interested in riding our awesome CBs get seat time by the the end of the weekend. This CB300F has a single cylinder fuel injected engine that offers respectable sound and power. Where is gets interesting is with the brakes. Our CBs are the only motorcycles in the fleet that feature an Anti-Lock-Braking System. “ABS” is said to be standard on all bikes sold in the near future. This provides us with interesting discussions and perspectives in our emergency braking, and collision avoidance exercises.


Engine: 200cc Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, with Fuel Injection

Transmission: 5 Speed

Weight: 282lbs or 128kg

Seat Height: 30.3″ or 770mm

Old School. You have got to love the new Suzuki Van Van. They went back to the past and dug up a bike from the seventies, but used today’s technology. Our Van Vans use a modern frame design that allows the engine to be mounted much lower than it was originally, for excellent stability. The engine now features a modern fuel injection system. This bike uses the same sized tires as our Yamaha TW200. These give it a unique “beach bike” look. Our Van Vans are a natural fit for our Beginner Course. The large, soft banana seat will have you riding in comfort all day.


Engine: 250cc Liquid Cooled, Parallel 2 Cylinder, with Fuel Injection

Transmission: 6 Speed

Weight: 403lbs or 183kg

Seat Height: 30.7? or 780mm

On paper, our GW250s are full sized motorcycles. This machine is a top choice of riding schools across North America. This bike would be aimed at our bigger and perhaps more experienced students who are more comfortable with the power of a 250cc twin engine. With more power comes a slightly heavier clutch that might need more muscle than our smaller bikes. We have one of our GWs set-up with a center stand, giving us a chance to demonstrate it’s proper use. Despite it’s size and weight, our GWs can easily negotiate all of the slaloms and slow speed maneuvers at Atlantic Moto Skills.


Engine: 200cc Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, Carburetor

Transmission: 5 Speed

Weight: 278lbs or 126kg

Seat Height: 31.9? or 810mm

The “dual sport” DR200 has proven to be one of our favorites. It is engineered to be both a lightweight and rugged motorcycle. With a suspension that is suited for both road and off-road use, the additional suspension travel provided makes for a comfortable ride on our range. “The Mighty DR” really shines during slow speed maneuvers due to its wide and flat handlebars, upright riding position and super small turning radius. This, and our TW200, are our only two motorcycles that feature a carburetor, choke and fuel valve. This gives our class a good look at this old but good type of system.


Engine: 200cc Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, Carburetor

Transmission: 5 Speed

Weight: 278lbs or 126kg

Seat Height: 31.1? or 788mm

Instructors of this course have been teaching students to ride on Yamaha’s TW for well over a decade. The design of this ridiculously dependable machine has been unchanged for more than 20 years. This Dual Sport motorcycle features similar attributes of our DR, but with lower gearing to enhance it’s slow speed abilities, as well as a low seat to help shorter riders get their feet planted. It simply could not be a motorcycle course without a TW in the fleet. Our biggest challenge is getting the instructors off of it.


Engine: 250cc Air Cooled, Single Cylinder, Fuel Injected

Transmission: 5 Speed

Weight: 291lbs or 132kg

Seat Height: 32.7″ or 830mm

The XT is Yamaha’s current small displacement dual sport motorcycle. It has similar dimensions as our Suzuki DR200, but uses today’s technology, such as internal counter-balanced shafts to smooth out engine vibrations usually associated with engines that use one cylinder and it also has modern fuel injection. The “XT” is both lightweight and rugged. Generally, dual sport motorcycles tend to have taller seat heights and longer travel suspensions to offer better trail performance, but they still perform well in our tight, slow speed exercises. Regardless of which motorcycle our clients ultimately purchase after licenced, few can deny the capability, flexibility and most importantly the “explore-ability” of dual sport motorcycles. 


Engine: 600cc Liquid Cooled, Inline Twin Cylinder, Fuel Injected

Transmission: Automatic Constant Variable (CVT), With Reverse

Weight: 594lbs or 270kg

Seat Height: 23.6″ or 599mm

With the introduction of the Spyder over 10 years ago, Can Am have finally released this newer, lighter, stripped down version for 2019. The Ryker still makes use of Can Am’s incredible VSS stability system, with selectable driving modes, but does away with other sophisticated systems such as navigation, ride control, power steering and cruise. Can Am have also included a simplistic CVT in place of the traditional electronic or manually shifted transmissions of the other models. This makes the Ryker the PERFECT platform to assist our instructors in forming new “3 Wheel” riding skills and habits that are unique to these incredible machines.

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