This course is designed to cover two riding categories, those persons having completed the beginner program last year and looking to gain a non-restricted motorcycle license, or experienced riders looking to improve their skills in general or perhaps looking for a “tune up”.

In both cases the course follows a similar path, the difference with our other courses is it takes only one day, or six to eight hours, and you will use your own bike.

First, after introductions we conduct a bike safety review – we will be on the road, so it is necessary that all bikes are in fact road worthy, so together with you we check tires, all lights, cables, etc. This is followed by a brief interactive session on preferred safety gear, general bike maintenance, pre-ride safety check, defensive riding techniques, etc.

Second, is a parking lot component where we all participate in various exercises which emphasize a variety of skills – for example head and body position while turning or moving in a straight line, advanced turning techniques at speed, proper stopping and swerving skills, etc.

Third will be an evaluation similar to that utilized by Service New Brunswick which is a two-part process. We start with parking lot exercises designed to evaluate slow riding skills. Then we move to the on road evaluation in which each rider will be in constant communication with an instructor on a lengthy ride. There will be regular stops to discuss progress and next steps.

Finally, when we are finished, those riders looking to obtain a non-restricted license will feel confident to take on Service New Brunswick’s evaluation and those looking for general improvement, or a tune up should see significant improvement. In all cases you will receive a certificate of completion acknowledging your participation.

We strive, as with all our courses, to create a fun environment in which to assist you in improving your skills. We want you to gain good riding habits, that along with your commitment to continuous learning and practice will go a long way to keeping you safe on the road.

Note: All of our courses require an approved helmet, full fingered gloves with leather palms, boots that cover the ankles and at a minimum, a denim jacket and pants. This course requires you to bring earbuds that fit comfortably under your helmet.

Call for cost and availability before booking.