• 1. Why is it important to have a flat wrist position on the grips of the handlebars?
    Riding Position
  • 2. In a typical situation riding in a straight line on dry/bare pavement, the front brake performs ______% of the braking power.
    Braking Considerations
  • 3. If the front brake locks up (skids) while braking heavily, my best option would be to...
    Braking Considerations
  • 4. What is NOT a benefit of the shoulder check habit?
    Braking Considerations
  • 5. We talk about how important eye control is, both on our range and on the road. What do we call Target Fixation?
    Eye Control
  • 6. We steer our motorcycles at slow speeds (Less than 15km/h) using the exact same techniques as at high speeds (Greater than 15km/h). True or False?
    Counter Steering
  • 7. What do we at Atlantic Moto Skills call the friction Point?
    Friction Point
  • 8. ABS technology is for cars. It does not really benefit motorcycle safety much. True or False?
    Braking Considerations
  • 9. If during an aggressive stop our rear tire looses traction and skids, what do we do?
    Braking Considerations
  • 10. They say wearing HI VIS (high visibilty) colors is advisable, but why?
    Riding Gear