Mitchell – Amazing instructors with great patience and encouragement. They will work with you to make sure you gain all the skills needed to be a safe rider ! Highly recommend!

Brigitte – Great instructions, a fun weekend to get acquainted with the 3-wheel driving. I would recommend it to all interested people, any age can have fun on that kind of wheeler. The course gave me confidence and safety instruction to go on rides with my own Spyder-bike.

Jocelyne – Great team of coaches to work with! Tom, Mike and Big Ray! Always patient and understanding for those of us who are new to the game! Well organized with progressional step by step learning. Will always remember all the safety tips that they shared with us! I enjoyed riding with a great group of people too! See you on the roads!!

Aleksandre – Awesome course enjoyed myself even if it was in the rain.

Bruce – Course and staff were excellent. The one thing I would like included is the ability on completing the course is to write the NB Service written exam on site. This would save a lot of messing around and I don’t even care if it costs extra. One stop shopping! Taking it at Service NB means nothing if we can’t take the driving test for one year. Going to give you a piece of paper and a pencil. That can be done anywhere. Your guys have the ability and credibility from what I experienced! Good job and great fun.

Delcia – Hello! Thank you so much for the great instruction.

Rachel – Really enjoyed my weekend, very interesting course. Recomend To every body who wants to ride a 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle. The Instrutor was always available to answer our questions.

Merrill – Great course. Learned a lot and met some great people. Would highly recommend the course.

Riley – This is a fantastic course. I went into it without ever riding a motorcycle and came out with the skills I needed to safely get myself started on the roads. The instructors are always happy to help and are very experienced. The course is structured in a “building block” way so we start easy and slowly add new techniques with each exercise. I was very impressed with the course and am very happy I went.

Maribel – Hello, I would like to start saying thank you first. It was a great training and class where I had the chance to get the skills I require to drive a 3 wheels. We had a well trained trainer however I found that one full day class was exhausting which is not a good thing when it comes to learn… in my opinion a 4 hours Saturday and Sunday plus following week repeat same hours would be a better approach for the learn to ride program. I would also like to ask you kindly if there is the possibility to have the graduation picture sent it to me since I couldnt be in the picture due to the fact that it was to be posted on facebook and Im a private person and keeping memories is very important to me so then if you provide me with the picture i could edit it and place myself in best regards.

Phil – My advice is to future students. Don’t get complacent during this course. You might think “I got this” then you get knocked down a peg. Stay focused, and take it all in. Because it’s a great course, with excellent instructors.

Michael – These guys are amazing at what they do. I had never been on a bike before, and my confidence was not great about how I would do. These three pro’s made me feel great and a day later i am riding my own bike and loving every minite of it. Thank you John, Arden, and big Ray. I will recommend your team at every chance I can.

Samuel – Had a great, information filled, fun weekend. The instructors were very knowledgeable and fun to work with. Even having driven bikes before, I was able to learn techniques and awareness skills that I will certainly use to be a better and safer driver. Thank you so much Atlantic Moto Skills Ltd!

Mario – Awesome weekend!

Alex – I enjoyed the course and learned alot of useful skills to help while driving. The bike that I bought for my beginner bike had a center stand and I wish there had of been more training on this, it would have come in handy.

Ginette – Had a blast! Was nervous about doing this but the instructors made it a very smooth learning experience. Great learning and a must before anyone rides if u ask me! Thanks guys!

Andre – Was fun. Definitely recommend.

Eric – I really enjoyed the course. John Tom and Susanne were all great.

Gilles – J’ai beaucoup aimer mon expérience à l’entrainement Atlantic Moto Skills

Deborah – Awesome work. Nothing could be done to improve the course.

Rachel- Loved this course. Learnt so much and all the instructors were very knowledgeable and amazing.

Jason – I thought the course was very informative, instructors very knowledgeable and patient. Mike,Mark and Tabatha were very helpful. I learned alot and would highly recommend your course to anyone. Thank you for everything.

Tadas – Highly recommend, instructors did a great job!!! I had awesome weekend! Thank you!!!

Rhea – Hello again Arden, thanks again for all your patience with me. So enjoyed our training you gave all of us this past weekend. We especially enjoyed your fun ways of teaching us everything from start to finish. Thank you for helping me get my truck started at the end of the day. Have a great summer!

Nancy – It was a great class and it refreshed the beginning laws and practices that I learned 40 years ago. I also picked up a few new things to do. Thanks

Everett – Hi really enjoyed the course, and there is nothing to say only keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure all will be ok! Thanks again!

Gerald – Very relaxing. Thank you so much for everything.


Melissa – “I really enjoyed my experience. I will recommand uou guys for sure. Thank you so much! I am so proud of myself. The theory part should be divided by all the instructors… to keep the energy going. Melissa”

Rae  – “It was a great learning experience. I will certainly suggest it to others. I will be in to see you this summer when I get my bike going. My only suggestion to make it better is for bikes with clutches that squeeze easier lol. My left arm is so sore haha. Thanks to all of you for a great weekend. Have a great summer.”

Kevin –  “Thank you so much for the weekend. Very well the experience I needed. Your instructors were kind and courteous throughout the whole weekend. Yet when needed they gave words of encouragement and specific pieces of advice as we drove the courses. And by the end of the weekend course, I feel like I’ve made new friends and new family. Can’t wait to drop by and show you my wheels.. Thank you. Kevin”

Matthew – “Had a great time. Everyone was very friendly and patient. Very good course layout and pace, which helped me to learn a lot and set up a sound foundation to feel comfortable on a bike.”

Caleb – “Thank you for the amazing weekend. I appreciate the helpfulness and patience of all the instructors. It was a great experience and I feel confident to begin taking bike on the road. Of course, I am no expert or anywhere near – but at least I know where to start and that when it comes to riding on two wheels, we will never stop learning. Safety First!”

Serge – “Hello it was an excellent course i learned alot of things that i didn’t know thank you for the best weekend that i had with you guys”

Devin – “I just completed your guys course on may 13 and I did learn more then I thought I would and I’ve noticed myself doing them without even thinking now the only complaint that I have is I think you should break the class up in a few separate groups people with and without experience for say and then that way people with that have been riding dirt bikes and or street bikes could learn a bit more advanced things and then come together for the Sunday course but again I’m not saying the course wasn’t helpful I’ve been riding for years and it’s taught me some very good habits well I just wanted to say thanks again for the weekend leading up to getting my license have a good one !”

Jean – “I wouldn’t change anything i was very pleased with the course, and the service that you gave from the first day that i talked to one of you guys to the end of the course. And the instructor was very good. Thank you very much! Will recommend you to everyone that ask me for a biker or spyder course!”

Denise – “Hello, I appreciate your training. it was good things to know, and I learned lots of things. Thank you very much and have a good day !

Lynn – “I had a fantastic time at this training course. it was definitely challenging at times but all 3 instructors were incredibility awesome at teaching me. I loved the building blocks to teaching us step by step. they all were patient and didn’t get frustrated even thou they had to repeat themselves to remind us of the things we were not doing over and over until we got it!!. I had a blast!! Thank you.”

Dan – “I took this class as a complete beginner to motorcycle riding (I had never driven a motorcycle). The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and the equipment provided offered a variety of riding styles and learning opportunities. The instructors were able to take me from “Zero” to “Riding” by building my skillset gradually and in a safe environment. The practical exercises were built to progressively improve our skills and by the end of Sunday afternoon, I had gained the required confidence and skills to ride “as a beginner”. I am looking forward to taking the “Street Survival Course” next year. Atlantic Moto Skills is a class-act riding school and I highly recommend them!!!”

Debbie – “Hi everyone, despite the weather I had a blast, it was a lot of fun! Thank you for a great weekend!!!”

Josee – “Thank you so much for a great course all the instructor were very knowledgeable.They made it a stress free course and enjoyable.Thanks again hope to see u on the road one day.”

Sara – “You guys are wonderful ! thank you for that awesome weekend :)”

Susan – “Thank you. I wouldn’t have passed the course without your dedication and assistance. Thank you once again.”

Suzanne – “J’ai adoré votre cours, le fait que l’entraineur(Terry) connaissait très bien sont matériels c’était extra.
J’aurait apprécié le matériel écrit en fançais.”

Claude – “Very good group of educators. Friendly, respectful & knowledgeable. They provide very useful safety & proper driving skills to all levels of student. They provide time for questions & individual education. I would strongly recommend this Beginner Skills Course to all motorcycle owners. I have learn so much from this Course.”

Jody – “I took the refresher course to not only gain riding confidence after a 10+ year absence of riding, but because there’s always something to learn. I already did riding exercises on my own, but being around peers and more experienced riders is encouraging and motivational – it’s a pleasure to share the good and bad stories along with accelerated learning during the day-long course. In fact, calling it a “”course”” seems more formal than it was – the ease and commoratory amongst the Tom, John, and the 2 other “”students”” made for a great day of not only learning about one’s skills, but it was a great day of riding in general – more so because we were lead by informative, non-judgemental, experienced riders. Thanks for not only offering the course, but for being a valuable representative of the biking community itself. You make great role models, and that itself I hope people can learn from as well.”

Jonathan – “J’ai vraiment aimé mon expérience avec Atlantic Moto Skills. Très bon formateur ”bilingue”. Très bon pour aider lorsque nous avons besoins d’aide. Je recommande très fortement Atlantic Moto Skills.”

Jason – “Great course”

Paul – “Great course, knowledgeable instructors and good selection of different motorcycles that can all be used during the weekend. Class size is just right. Arden, Troy and Octave, thank you for a great weekend.”

Gerard – “This course is a must for any rider or return rider.I aplause Mike and have great respect for Terry..why? Because they have a natural way of teaching and so regrets..thank you Atlantic Moto Skills…Gerard”

Janic – “Great instructors!! thank you for patience lots explain and good service amazing !!!(Terry, Mike and Tabitha)”

Justin – “Great course and great instructors”

Rob – “Hi guys, Just wanted to say I was anxious about taking this course but the instructors were awsome, very approachable and made the weekend a blast. Keep up the good work. FYI I wrote my written test the following Monday and passed. Now to find my first bike.”

Daniel – “Five star + Very professional in instruction methods and getting the message threw without making you fell like less of a person. Always ready with how to improve on what you just did wrong. I am highly recommending this course to anyone of my friends or acquaintances as the place to learn. You may quote me in a public fashion if you like.You were recommended to me by XXX who I know to be advanced Police motorcycle instructor his word was all i needed to make my decision. In his words, Don’t waste your money and time going anywhere else.”

Julie – “Excellent course and awesome trainers”

Diane – “My son and I just completed our beginner riders course with the Atlantic Moto Skills and we are both happy we chose this company! The instructors were always patient, helpful and pleasant. Their instructions were clear and meant to keep us safe during the course. I really liked the way they would explain the tasks and show us on the course. They ensured that they provided everyone with complete assistance at all time; giving each person the attention where it was needed most. With the tips and tricks they gave me, I’m now able to ride knowing I have control of my bike and feel confident riding! Thanks Atlantic Moto Skills!”

Jamie – “Top Notch training from a group of guys that just loves the sport and trains students with passion. Great job guys, enjoyed your course very much and has taught me a lot of new skills.”

Ginette – “The instructors we had were great. Lots of patience and really took the time to teach and get you to really learn the basics and more. I appreciate and understand more now and it now makes total sense. I had such a great time and met new people in the process. Now, I need to practice, practice. I had never ridden a bike before. But now am confident with the knowledge they have given me, I now have the proper building blocks to begin my new journey to ride. Thanks guys. This was the best choice to make and will recommend them to anyone that wants to ride.”

Luc – “Instructors are highly experienced motor cycle drivers that willingly and freely share their knowledge and experiences on top of the training material. They clearly walk you through all exercises and demonstrated before you start practicing. They do not hesitate to take the time, one on one, to help you when having challenges with some exercise, their feedback is great. Driving/seat time practicing is of priority which is the best way to learn. Their web site student area is also great, it includes the “”Driver’s Handbook”” from NB Service, examples tests to prepare yourself for the written test which have references to the section of the “”Driver’s Handbook”” where the subject is covered, also some web links to useful information. Thumbs up, I will not hesitate to recommend Atlantic Moto Skills, it was fun, great instructors and good learning experience. Thank You to all @ Atlantic Moto Skills.”

Matt – “Well worth the drive from Sussex, the mix of bikes were great, and every instructor was very patient and clear with their instrutions”

Martin – “Enjoyed the course. We had a great team of instructors and I’m thrilled with the skills I’ve acquired during the course! Thanks AMS!”

Jean-Pierre – “Going into the course I had a basic knowledge of drive motorcycles due to having a dirt bike growing up. I was surprised at how much I learned from the course and feel much more safe and confident going forward.

Jasmine – “I have not earn my blue certificate as of yet. Although the instructors I got were phenomenal, caring and understanding, always trying to push us to succeed. Almost like your high school teachers. Instead this is in 2 days instead of a semester. The variety of bikes suprised me. For those who have good arm muscles you are in for a treat. I think it was 5 different types of bikes. Meaning a lot of chances to experience different bikes on the multiple exercises. I do not own muscles so the Honda Grom was perfect for me (they have like 3 there). This is why I choose this school over the competition, the pep talks I will soon get a 1-on-1 teaching, if the instructors think you need to tweek something to pass. And then hopefully get my blue certificate. I got intimated by everyone else who knew how to work a clutch, or have driven dirtbikes or motorcycle in the past. But the instructors seeing my struggle pulled me on the side to make me catch up to the group without falling too much behind. I fell 3 times. And everytime they worried about my safety over the bikes well-being. That is where you know you have a quality course and instructors. Plus one was bilingual which made me decision finale to choose this school. Compared to the competitor who could not promise me one French speaker. If you read that far, don’t hesitate enroll already ”

Sylvio – “3 instructors, 3 different great personality, 3 guys easy to talk to. Extremely satisfied with the course and made lots of friends. Thanks for the great service.”

Chad – “Simply amazing, From the classroom to out on the course, the instructors were positive, encouraging and informative. I knew very little about motorcycles and nothing about riding, but thanks to Tamatha, Mike, Terry and their vast knowledge and experience, I feel very confident leaving with the fundamentals needed to operate a motorcycle.”

Mike – “Thanks again. I feel that I should be much more aware of bikers on the road as now I will be one of them soon.
Let me know what I missed on the final test. I think I nailed it, but I’m sure Mike would have picked something out. Ha ha. Take care.”

Brenda – “I was absolutely impressed with the instruction, patience, and the genuine concern the instructor’s had for the participants of this course. Very obvious that the course facilitators were knowledgeable, they put safety to the forefront of the course. Everyone was treated fairly and given the guidance needed to move forward from one block of instruction to the next.
As a learner who needed more time to catch on, extra patience, more practice and space to take my time….the instructors provided all I needed. Highly recommend anyone interested in taking a bike course to sign up with Atlantic Moto Skills.”

Marc – “Very good instructors they reached from experience drivers to new beginners and made sure and spent time we people that needed more help very great class would definitely advise people to go to Antlatic moto for motorcycling course.”

Stephane – “Money well spent ! The instructors were amazing, and the delivery and the pace with each building blocks leading to increased skills learned is very well designed.”

James – “Had a great time and learned a lot at the beginner course! Bikes were nice and the instructors were great! Definitely recommend to anyone looking to take the course.”

Chanelle – “I had such a wondurful time during my weekend at the training. The instructors were extraordinary and were very supportive of everyone in the class. I would highly recommend taking this course.”

Laurent – “Very good practices, Very good instructors, Very good atmosphere, Perfect weekend!”

Joan – “Great experience! Arden is a patient instructor and made me feel at ease! I gained good experience along with amazing confidence! Definately will be recommending this place to future bikers! Thank you!”

Jeremiah – “great instructors.. great course…instructors will bring you aside to talk and explain things better…as a the biggest thing is to listen to what they what they say..once you get past will improve your skills. thank you MOE ,RAY and TOM…..”

Marc – “Amazing experience. The instructors were amazing. Both my daughter and I had an awesome weekend. Big thanks to Tom, Ray and Moe for the lessons. I’ve learned a lot from them. They are truly professionals. Will be doing the Road Survival coarse next year.”

Darren – “Great Experience! Instructors were very professional and helpful. Thanks Tom, Ray and Moe.