Every single 2022 REVIEW received, un-edited


Marlene – Could not ask for better instructors for training. They went out of their way to ensure you received the best learning experience. They certainly teach out of passion and not just for the money. Best training I could have received.

Cindy – Good time. Thanks 😊 😎

Marc – Great teams of instructors and great course progretion. Thanks again for teaching me this weekend . A experience i will not forget.

Arthur – Well done. Learn a lot in a short time. Now on the road and feel safe. Building on what you started.

Rachelle – I took the course last weekend and it was awesome. I am truly impressed with Atlantic Moto Skills. Thank you to the instructors Yves, Octave and Mathieu for your patience, your professionalism, your knowledge and for being there for us when we had questions. We learned alot thanks to you guys. Also we laughed and had a great time. I would and will recommend Atlantic Moto Skill to anyone that’s looking to take a Motorcycle course 👌

Michael – Great “soup to nuts” course on the basics of using a motorcycle. Even if you never sat on a motorcycle in your life, this course will get you mounting, starting, riding and stopping motorcycles with enough proficiency to obtain your graduated motorcycle licence in NB. Instructors and other students were great. In spite of riding in protective gear in the blazing August heat, it was a very enjoyable couple of days.

Erin – It was an extremely informative and fun day. Despite the high temperature, it was an excellent experience. Instructors are knowledgeable and able to explain the excercises clearly. I will be buying a ryker soon!

Joshua – I had the time of my life with Terry Martin and Troy (T.M.T.) this course was super informative and if you know how to ride a bicycle by the end of the course you will be able to ride a motorcycle almost as well. Their instruction guidance pointers and recognition of accomplishment when performed correctly is unfathomably outstanding. There was never any judgment of anybody or their character of performance or skill set there was only encouragement not to mention one on one help when it was needed! I would highly recommend this course not only for the skills you will acquire but the laughs you will have along the way. Shoulder check and Go!

Rachel – It was a great weekend even though it was extremely hot. All instructors were great and certainly knew their stuff. The staff made you feel comfortable and were always willing to give you that extra if needed. I left course being confident, comfortable riding and well educated. Thank you guys!! You are awesome

Hilda – Good afternoon. Thank you for your excellent training. I learned a lot of important information that will be extremely important when I enjoy my Spyder.

Jaswant – Experienced staff

Zhan – It was a great three days of training. I got a lot of knowledge and answers to the most unexpected questions regarding the motorcycle and a lot of new useful skills.

Laura – Awesome course.

Anise – Thank you!! It was really easy to learn with u guys.

Stephanie – This was an awesome experience! I came having no idea about how to ride a bike but left confident and ready to start riding on the road. The team was so kind and patient and so so helpful. Thanks so much Atlantic Moto Skills!

Vaughn – Going in with an open mind to the course, I was very impressed on the professionalism as well as their attention to detail. One thing I really enjoyed about the course, if you were struggling in a certain area the instructors We’re available to ask for questions or get help . I highly recommend this course , to all. Cheers.

Carmin – My confidence is so much better now. Thank you for everything.

Cynthia – Awesome experience, great teachers making learning to ride a motorcycle easy and fun

Pamela – Had a fabulous time at the course, the instructors were very helpful and patient as well as knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Keynan – Enjoyed taking the course and the guys were excellent teachers

Fred – Very professional

Raul – Excellent experience. Thank you very much. Easy to follow. Wonderful delivery techniques. I would suggest to have these circle check acronym in writing (handouts before or during the course. Or part of the welcome package). Again thank you very much. Merci beaucoup. formation facile à suivre. Merveilleuses techniques d’enseignement. J’aimerais avoir ces acronymes par écrit (documents à distribuer avant ou pendant le cours. Ou dans le cadre de la trousse de bienvenue) Merci Beaucoup.

William – Thank you for taking time to help everyone do their very best. I will definitely recommend your program to anyone looking for training.

Elena – Instructors should make sure they are being heard properly with clear instructions before shouting at customers. One cannot be heard while machines are running all over the place with helmets on, instructors yelling and their hands going all over the place. It is confusing while trying to learn. I was shouted at for going off course when I thought he waved us all over to start new course. My concussion, it was an addition to the course because I could not hear properly.

Steve – The course was very informative and the instructors were very helpful.

Manon – Bonjour, j’ai adoré mon expérience, demandez a mes instructeur, j’avais le sourire aux lèvres toute la journée… Continuez votre beau travail et si je passe par Moncton cet été vous pouvez être certains de me voir .. Bonne été a vous tous et attention sur les routes… But on the seat, foot on the brake… Hahaha

Jimmy – instructor are really on point and knows what there talking about great experience great equipement

Ben – What a fantastic bunch of instructors and a great learning environment for any level of rider .. Thanks for amazing weekend learned alot ..

Tania – I am so happy to have chosen this course to learn how to ride, no regrets at all. I was somewhat was nervous to hop on a bike for the first time but man, listen to every word the instructor says as they are 100% right! Eyes up all the time and trust the process. Amazing team and Octave, (one of the instructors) you helped me soooo much! Thank you!

Isabelle – Amazing weekend!!!! Your lineup of instructors were on top of their games, very supportive and positive. I was very impressed!!! The group setting was a bit intimidating, it built character but it was tough. I would have prefered to start in small groups, then progress but I made it out Alive…hehe. If I ran that school, I would allow zero cigarette smoking from both instructors and students within the “designated area”. ( I smoked for years, not a hater).

Nathan – Awesome place amazing teachers absolutely would recommend

Brady – loved the course and the instructors were funny and friendly

Riley – Super awesome course with awesome instructors. I would recommend to anyone who has even thought of getting a bike to take the course even if you don’t buy a bike it’s just a good time.

Randy – Keep up the good work 👍

Tracy – It was super informative and helpful. There was a nice balance of explanation followed by enough time to put it to practice for each module. The progression from one lesson to the next was easy to follow (not necessarily easy to do😉) The instructors were firm yet encouraging. I will highly recommend Atlantic Moto Skills!

Ross – A little better weather ,lol great all round course 👍👍

Every single 2021 REVIEW Received, un-edited


Ryan – I enjoyed the entire course. The entire 2nd day we spent in an absolute downpour which added to the experience 😀 but the 3 instructors we had were always engaged with all students as if it were a perfect day in June with many one on one one interactions … Extremely professional staff to say the very least. I learned alot in such a short time …. I Highly Recommend ! 👍

Shirley – Je voulais ajd vous remercier du service que vous nous avez donner et oui jai adorer la session Information Sur ordi introduction mais encore plus aimer pratique sur le 3 wheel et 3 sortes en plus je pensais j’amais que j’aurais driver Le matin je savais meme pas le demarer lol Et vous avez la patience la maniere de donner confience au personnes et la theory Vous simplifier sa professionellememt ses vraiment bon et je vais recommender se cour a mes ami(e)s pour sure Merci beaucoup pour cette belle experiense A vous deux Yves et Eaden Et aussi that was bylanguel Francais et anglais

Marc – Atlantic Moto skills came highly recommended to me as the place to learn to ride a motorcycle. From our first class session ( due to covid it was via zoom) to the actually 2 days on the course it was fantastic. The friendly instructors worked very closely with everyone in the group to insure we all had the proper riding skills needed. They also made it a point to answer any and all questions we had at any time. Just an amazing experience and I feel very confident with the skills I have learned that I will be ready to ride. I would not hesitate recommending this company if you are looking to obtain your motorcycle license.

Oussama – Im really happy and satisfied , specially the trainet they are really kind , and i will recommand everybody about it

Danielle – Bonjour ca été un plaisir l instructeur était très gentil et prenait le temps d expliquer ça été agréable Merciii beaucoup

Betty – Hi just wanted to say thanks for Saturday. It was lots of fun and very informative . I would highly recommend this course to anyone. You guys sure have lots of patience lol. Keep up the good work. Thanks again Betty

Georges – Thanks again to Ray, Suzanne and, Kevin for a truly memorable experience! The ease with which they delivered the course content speaks to their professionalism. Novice and experienced riders learned essential skills in a timely manner.

Stuart – I couldn’t have asked for a better group of instructors. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend of training and I learned so much that I can apply to my own bike. AMS not only teaches you the skills but you feel a lot more confident when you are finished the training. Thank you so much to Ray and his gang. All the other students were great to be with as well even when it poured rain on Sunday afternoon. Everyone was still happy. 

Linda – Hi, This is an awesome course and the instructors were great. It gave me confidence and showed me how much fun the machines are. Thanks.

Alissa – A great weekend with amazing teachers! Suggesting this to everyone especially beginners as i was and enjoyed every minute of it.

Marc – Man what a fun weekend!!! The guys were amazing, patient and ready to discuss anything related to the MC world. Whether it was course related or just picking their brains about “what do you ride, what’s your experience, I’m thinking about getting this bike, etc” they were always ready to chat. Nice laid back feel and these instructors (David, Martin,Tom) all seem to love to share their passion with us beginners. I can’t wait to hit the road safely knowing that I was taught the basics and then some from your crew of pros.

Nathalie – Great attentive instructor. Points out issues, able to rally the group and make everyone at ease. Was able to provide the session in French simply by asking 👌 – would definitely recommend

Andre – Great course!! Arden is very approachable and a very knowledgeable instructor. This made the training interesting and enjoyable. I felt very comfortable and confident of my handling of the bike at the end of the course.

Jordan – Leading up to the course, I always said I should have got my motorcycle license when i was younger (pre 2015) so i would not have to take the course. After takeing the course, I am glad I did. An all around great course, very informative.

Khalid – Nous avons passé une excellente fin de semaine en apprenant avec un grand plaisir. L’équipe est d’un très grand professionnalisme, Bravo !

Pierre – Very instructive, very good teacher. Thanks learn alot more that i was expected

Ronnie – Great course excellent instructors. Done my beginners on line Monday ,picked my license up Friday and had a awesome weekend on the bike, Thanks again Guys.

Amy – I really really had fun while learning new things. The instructors are fun and they know what they are doing. I have no regrets choosing AMS. Amy.

Pascale – Thank you, I had a great time. You have a great team that is patient and have excellent teaching skills. Will definitely recommend your school to all.

Kiran – Y’all were ammmazing!

Courtney – The instructors were very patient and very helpful. I struggled to get out of my own head but with their help I passed and not just barely but perfectly! Thank you for a fun weekend and I’ll see you on the road someday! ✌️

Lisa – Loved the course! Went from never riding to feeling confident that I can commute on a can am Ryker or Spider. Arden was a wonderful instructor! I would highly recommend this course to anyone!

Amber – It was great !!! Fantastic instructors , took their time to teach everyone, it was fun too 🙂 I would highly recommend to anyone!

Leonore – All the instructors are very compassionate, patient , encouraging and funny.Had a great time riding. My highest regards, you do a really good job . Thank you all for a wonderful weekend even it was pouring rain. Keep up the good work Tom,Terry,Troy and David Thanks again

Rochelle – Was a great experience! The guys were awesome, friendly, patient, and encouraging. Will definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking to take this course. Thanks again guys!

Chris – It was a fun educational course

Tammy – Our safety was their number one priority. While the quality of learning was a close 2nd, it never took precedence over our safety and theirs. I was amazed at how quickly I progressed and really appreciated all the feedback from the great instructors, Yves, Kevin and Troy! It was an overall great, fun, positive experience for me! I can’t wait to start riding my own bike! I shopped all night for a bike lol! * longer breaks would probably be appreciated by some but not necessary Thanks everyone at AMS! Tammy

Preston – Had a great weekend. Very informative and covered a lot. Would definitely recommend.

Laura – A huge thank you to Yves and Terry for making the training course so thorough and well instructed. Very relaxed and friendly with aim and focus on complete group success. 👍🏼😁

Andrew – Great weekend, instructors were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and super approachable. I learned so much over the 3 days and even had extra one on one time which really helped with my confidence riding. Good group of people as well with an easy to learn atmosphere. I would highly recommend this team for learning. Thank so much for everything you do, a weekend I will never forget.

Shelly – Great course. Learned a lot. Instructors were great. Fun but tiring weekend 🙂

Robert – I am so glad that we are obligated to take this course prior of getting our graduated 3 wheel license. Habits can become consistent without realizing that some can be bad. I’ve learned many good ones over the weekend and most of all to be calm. Thanks again AMS team and see you on the road. Robert:)

Joe – Hey guys!! We had a great group this past weekend and I wanted to thank Ray,Tom and Kevin for their experience and fun way of teaching… the experience was more than I could have wished for. Great works guys all around! Joe

Brian – Great weekend! It was very hands on and interactive learning new techniques and safely learning to ride a motorcycles. All the instructors were awesome, knowledgeable and always ready to help any rider out. I would highly recommend them to continue the great training and service they provide as it gets us as new riders more knowledge and expectations. Thanks again to all the instructors specially the ones that we trained with this past weekend! Brian

Seth – Great weekend, instructors were great!

Joseph – Very informative class!! Arden is an amazing teacher with a Huge personality!! Encourage anyone who is planning on taking a 3 wheel course to use Atlantic Moto Skills!!!!

Cynthia – Words can’t describe how amazing my weekend was in regards to the motorcycle course I took this weekend. The instructors were a perfect blend of learning styles and communication styles. IE: Susan was blunt and to the point with no sugar coating so she whips you into shape, Kevin told you what you did wrong but told you what you did right. Tom would excitedly praise you for nailing something. It has always been my dream to get my motorcycle license and have always been a passenger. This passed weekend has given me the confidence and excitement to realize my dream. I have no complaints at all. Even the rain could put a damper on the weekend.

Marie – I had so much fun ! It was an awesome weekend !

Jeremy – Loved the course and Arden made it so easy to understand and fun. Will be recommending this course to anyone looking to take it. Thanks again!!!

Mathieu – Thanks again for the great weekend!! Very educational! And i had fun being there!!

Mathieu – Awesome weekend with great instructors!!! Thanks al

Clarence – My father always said: “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!”. This is how I feel about the Atlantic Moto Skills 3-wheel course. I found the course to be extremely informative and presented in a way that is interactive and easy to understand. A big thank you to Arden, it is easy to see by his passion and patience that he enjoys teaching to the max. He kept things light and fun throughout. Clarence

Melanie – Terry, David and Ray, thank you for an amazing learning experience. You guys made learning fun (even with the rain and cold) and stress free. Thank you!!!

Mathieu – Had lots of fun during this course thanks again! Mathieu

Philip – Very fun weekend of instructions, instructors where great! Highly recommended. Thanks

Alvin – You guys are awesome !!! very well explained and good positive vibe keep up the good work👍

Lise – Great instructors and great program

Janot – Best cours ever will meet up again

Emmanuel – Thanks for taking your time to actually teach. work👍

Every single 2020 REVIEW Received, un-edited

Lise – Great instructors and great program

Janot – Best cours ever will meet up again

Emmanuel – Thanks for taking your time to actually teach.

Justin – It was good! They worked well with a large group, but also individuality with you for what area you needed help to improve with your motorcycle skills. I would deffintly recommend to go for your licence with atlantic moto skills for fun, for skills, for life.

Andre – I could not suggest a better driving school to start your journey with.

Lise – Great course, great istructors. It shows that they enjoy what they are doing. Had a great day. It was my first time sitting on a bike so all of this was new to me. Now I need to pass my written driving test.😊😊

Amadou – Hi it’s was great course with great instructors 😆

Sandra – Awesome experience!! Very educational and lots of FUN!! 🙂

Delia – It was an awesome experience good job arden

Annabelle – Amazing course. Very welcoming and knowledgeable teachers. Worth the investment! Will recommend!

Denis – Aswome weekend!!!!

Matthew – Was awesome weekend, instructors were all awesome.

Rosaire – Hi everyone To all the staff at Atlantic Moto Skills a sincere thank you. You are extremely professional,pleasant to work with. It was an amazing course this pass weekend with the 3 instructor i had to teach me. They made it very intetesting. If you had a problem driving they took the time aside alone with you to explain how to resolved the issued and be better. I certainly recommend this course to anyone. 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Again ladys and gentleman congradulation on your succes.

Carol – I loved the course, the instructors are great teachers and I find the students were friendly overall I had a great time thank you

Julien – 5 stars to you guys it’s a fun time and we all learn alot keep up the good work🤘🏻🤘🏻

Cindy – Really enjoyed the course. Would suggest having a 2 day for a regular course and a 3 day for someone who has never really been on a motorcycle before. Thought it was a great course and the instructors kept the flow going steady.

Michael – Evening was great! Explanation and practice very accessible and intelligible, thank you for the great time.

Courtney – Thank you for an amazing experience and the care Arden gave to make sure everyone passed was awesome. He took the time to show each individual how to drive properly .

Justin – Great course with great instructors!

Samantha – Very fun and educational ☺️ Thanks for the experience !

Ann – I’m so pleased with the instruction from this company. They made it fun and interactive. They were very approachable and knowledgeable. Thank I so much, couldn’t have a better choice. It was worth the 1.5 hr drive.

Melvin – It was a great learning experience. I learnt some amazing new techniques and a special mention about FINECC and Clutch friction. The trainers at Atlantic Motto were courteous and patient

Kyle – Great course with good instructors and all good working bikes.

Shonda – Lots of fun!! Great instructors that were easy to approach to ask questions at any time. The relaxed environment made it less stressful for people with limited or no riding experience. Ray explaining the counter steering from a one hand perspective made it become clear. I focused on what the throttle hand did during the turn and it was less confusing to me. It was just simplified. Awesome introductory class to help you get your feet wet in the world of motorcycle riding!! You guys do make a difference. Your patience, sense of humor and encouraging attitude was much appreciated. Thanks for the confidence boost guys!!

David – Very good course, the hands on experience cannot be beat. The student to teacher ratio was excellent! Will be recommending this course to anyone I know thinking of riding the Spyder / Ryker.

Joanne – This course was very helpful and all 3 instructors were outstanding, very very great at teaching me the proper way to drive, thank you

Eric – Your are amazing team i enjoy my weekend with you guys you teach me a lot in 2 days that make me better driver thanks again

Matthew – The Atlantic Moto skills team can teach anyone how to safely ride a bike. The weekend course is fun and informative. I left the course, knowing all the basics of how to ride a motorcycle.

Derek – It was a lot of fun and everyone was so nice and calm with students that had never ridden before. I guess that’s what made it easy to learn and build some confidence. I had heard some good comments from other people and they were right! I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you for everything. You guys are doing something really great!!

Mitchel – great course, great instructors. would definitely suggest you guys to anyone who wants to get in to motorcycling.

Jason – Had fun weekend very instructive staff is friendly funny and make it a blast!! Would recommend for training!!

David – Really enjoyed my experience at Atlantic moto skills…great instructor and I learned alot from them Thanks for making me a better driver

Douglas – Awesome course ! Great crew of guys. Will strongly recommend.

Derek – Great weekend guys.

Zita – Would be nice if the course was also offered during a week day, other then that I had a blast and learned a lot! Definitely considering coming back for the advanced course maybe next summer after having a year of riding under my belt

Jamie – The course was a great beginners course. It was awesome with the way it was taught to us. The building blocks, starting with the pushing of the bikes was perfect to get a feel for the bike. Thanks for having so much patience, being approachable, and laughing through the struggles with me!! Big Ray, Octave and Yves you guys rock!

Joseph – Realy enjoyed my course… the instructor was very frendly.. Thank you

Jefferey – Great coarse. I had no experience on a bike. By the end of the coarse I feel very comfortable on a bike and I’m ready for the road.

Alex – I enjoyed the course and learned alot of useful skills to help while driving. The bike that I bought for my beginner bike had a center stand and I wish there had of been more training on this, it would have come in handy.

Every single 2019 REVIEW Received, un-edited

Mitchell – Amazing instructors with great patience and encouragement. They will work with you to make sure you gain all the skills needed to be a safe rider ! Highly recommend!

Brigitte – Great instructions, a fun weekend to get acquainted with the 3-wheel driving. I would recommend it to all interested people, any age can have fun on that kind of wheeler. The course gave me confidence and safety instruction to go on rides with my own Spyder-bike.

Jocelyne – Great team of coaches to work with! Tom, Mike and Big Ray! Always patient and understanding for those of us who are new to the game! Well organized with progressional step by step learning. Will always remember all the safety tips that they shared with us! I enjoyed riding with a great group of people too! See you on the roads!!

Aleksandre – Awesome course enjoyed myself even if it was in the rain.

Bruce – Course and staff were excellent. The one thing I would like included is the ability on completing the course is to write the NB Service written exam on site. This would save a lot of messing around and I don’t even care if it costs extra. One stop shopping! Taking it at Service NB means nothing if we can’t take the driving test for one year. Going to give you a piece of paper and a pencil. That can be done anywhere. Your guys have the ability and credibility from what I experienced! Good job and great fun.

Delcia – Hello! Thank you so much for the great instruction. 

Rachel – Really enjoyed my weekend, very interesting course. Recomend To every body who wants to ride a 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle. The Instrutor was always available to answer our questions.

Merrill – Great course. Learned a lot and met some great people. Would highly recommend the course.

Riley – This is a fantastic course. I went into it without ever riding a motorcycle and came out with the skills I needed to safely get myself started on the roads. The instructors are always happy to help and are very experienced. The course is structured in a “building block” way so we start easy and slowly add new techniques with each exercise. I was very impressed with the course and am very happy I went.

Maribel – Hello, I would like to start saying thank you first. It was a great training and class where I had the chance to get the skills I require to drive a 3 wheels. We had a well trained trainer however I found that one full day class was exhausting which is not a good thing when it comes to learn… in my opinion a 4 hours Saturday and Sunday plus following week repeat same hours would be a better approach for the learn to ride program. I would also like to ask you kindly if there is the possibility to have the graduation picture sent it to me since I couldnt be in the picture due to the fact that it was to be posted on facebook and Im a private person and keeping memories is very important to me so then if you provide me with the picture i could edit it and place myself in best regards.

Phil – My advice is to future students. Don’t get complacent during this course. You might think “I got this” then you get knocked down a peg. Stay focused, and take it all in. Because it’s a great course, with excellent instructors.

Michael – These guys are amazing at what they do. I had never been on a bike before, and my confidence was not great about how I would do. These three pro’s made me feel great and a day later i am riding my own bike and loving every minite of it. Thank you John, Arden, and big Ray. I will recommend your team at every chance I can.

Samuel – Had a great, information filled, fun weekend. The instructors were very knowledgeable and fun to work with. Even having driven bikes before, I was able to learn techniques and awareness skills that I will certainly use to be a better and safer driver. Thank you so much Atlantic Moto Skills Ltd!

Mario – Awesome weekend!

Alex – I enjoyed the course and learned alot of useful skills to help while driving. The bike that I bought for my beginner bike had a center stand and I wish there had of been more training on this, it would have come in handy.

Ginette – Had a blast! Was nervous about doing this but the instructors made it a very smooth learning experience. Great learning and a must before anyone rides if u ask me! Thanks guys!

Andre – Was fun. Definitely recommend.

Eric – I really enjoyed the course. John Tom and Susanne were all great.

Gilles – J’ai beaucoup aimer mon expérience à l’entrainement Atlantic Moto Skills

Deborah – Awesome work. Nothing could be done to improve the course.

Rachel- Loved this course. Learnt so much and all the instructors were very knowledgeable and amazing.

Jason – I thought the course was very informative, instructors very knowledgeable and patient. Mike,Mark and Tabatha were very helpful. I learned alot and would highly recommend your course to anyone. Thank you for everything.

Tadas – Highly recommend, instructors did a great job!!! I had awesome weekend! Thank you!!!

Rhea – Hello again Arden, thanks again for all your patience with me. So enjoyed our training you gave all of us this past weekend. We especially enjoyed your fun ways of teaching us everything from start to finish. Thank you for helping me get my truck started at the end of the day. Have a great summer!

Nancy – It was a great class and it refreshed the beginning laws and practices that I learned 40 years ago. I also picked up a few new things to do. Thanks

Everett – Hi really enjoyed the course, and there is nothing to say only keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure all will be ok! Thanks again!

Gerald – Very relaxing. Thank you so much for everything.