Every single 2023 REVIEW received, un-edited

Tristan – Very nice people, even for more experienced riders they really challenge you.

Gaetan – Awesome job gang, you guys made everyone comfortable for the new riders especially. The course was well structured to learn to ride. I know “why “your business is booming and I’ll recommend anyone I know and wants to learn riding a bike to your school.

Francis – The progressive class make it easy to learn new skills. The team Ray, Paul, Keven was outstanding making sure everyone was safe and competent. I appreciate the experience you pass along us. Thank you

Hugh – Excellent program. Very informative plus alot of fun. Ray, Kevin and Paul were great. I definitely recommend this course.

Andrew – This course is virtually flawless!!! Top tier instructors that are very knowledgeable and make the learning process quite enjoyable with core safety values being at the forefront. The level of engagement with students was fantastic, as they are very informative, professional, and have a plethora of information they convey in an easy to digest manner for beginners. This should be the ONLY motorcycle training company to book with in my opinion and you certainly won’t be disappointed. I have nothing but good things to say while wearing a huge smile!! Thanks Tom, Steve and Dave for truly making this a memorable experience that I’m very thankful for and the skills that will stay with me for life. Once again, thank you so much guys!!

Thomas – Awesome coarse and very knowledgeable instructors and super patient with the new riders made everyone feel every comfortable I took the motorcycle coarse 20 years ago and have been riding ever since and I have got some bad habits that the instructors helped me with I never rode a Spyder or Ryker before now I want one thanks to Mike and Arden for sharing there knowledge highly recommend the coarse was sorry for the days to end loved every minute of it thanks again.

Stephane – Love the whole experience. Thanks to Troy Martin and Monica keep on smiling.

Amanda – Great instructors! Thorough lessons and demos. Great feedback on how you are doing and how to better your skills.

Danny – A nice relaxed atmosphere with a emphasis on learning skills to keep you safe, I was nervous at first but I learned a lot and had fun.

Karrie – Fantastic course! To see people going from never touching a bike to safely and confidently riding in two days speaks volumes! We had 3 phenomenal instructors whose passion for biking shone through, despite the rain. I highly recommend AMS!

Susan – Thank you for everything Mark and Troy You guys made me feel confident never thought I would every drive or ride . The course was amazing lots off good information and most off all it was fun !!

Chelsey – The instructors were so friendly and knowledgeable. I came into this course with no riding experience and expressed my anxiety/fear of getting on a motorcycle, but they talked me through everything and were unbelievably patient with me. By the end of the weekend I was riding and having so much fun!! Thank you guys!!

Theresa – Very patient. Understands everyone has fears and takes the time to help in any way possible.

Cody – A solid 10/10 John, David and Martian did an awesome job as instructors, would recommend this course to anyone! Job well done guys! Now go get some Ice cream!

Ginette – I really enjoyed your motorcycle training course. My instructors were Jon, Dave, and Martin. They were very professional, but also very fun. I must admit that I preferred the practice driving part over the theory, but the theory was definitely necessary, and the instructors were not boring to listen to at all. Great job! The instructors are obviously very knowledgeable and excellent at teaching amateurs how to ride. There was a woman in my training that fell twice. I thought for sure that she would quit before finishing the program. Jon was effective in reassuring her. She didn’t just finish the program. She passed! Great program, excellent instructors, great job guys. I will recommend your program to anyone that asks about it.

Anne – Can’t believe how much I learned over 1 weekend!! Had a great time and the instructors were fantastic ◡̈

Marie-Clair – I would like to thank Tom, Martin, and Paul for being so encouraging and positive throughout the course! I truly had so much fun, I was sorry it had to end. I will definitely recommend AMS to new bikers in the future. Once again, thank you!!!

Brendan – Good course, helpful instructors who provide actual, helpful feedback. Would recommend!

Emily – awesome course. 🙂

Britney – This was a great course, I learned a lot and made some new friends! Shout out to Ray, Mat and Tom, great job teaching! Thank you so much.

Edward – Awesome course. Very informative. Loved the progression of skills and all the hands on experience. I definitely feel more comfortable as I move forward in purchasing my Canam motorcycle. Loved that the training was on both models. Would highly recommend the course.

Monica – Excellent team, very professional, patient and with a beautiful energy when teaching you the art of motorcycle driving, I loved the course.

Hector – Very good course to get with very experience instructor, I would suggest everyone to get that spyder or rykers course even if your an experience motorbike driver, great job to great instructor.

Devon – Great course! Had a very fun weekend, appreciate the lessons and tips to become a safe and experienced rider!

Marie – Loved it. Had a great time. The instructors Terry and Martin were fantastic, they were able to answer all my questions that I had. I enjoyed everything about the course.

Mark – Was a great course with real world driving. Instructors made it fun as well.

Shane – Really enjoyed my weekend of learning driver safety and practice driving! I felt my confidence grow on the bike as the weekend progressed! The Instructors, Tom, Octave and Paul were above excellent keeping a balance of seriousness and fun!! I will be highly recommending Atlantic Moto Skills going forward!!

Marc-Andre – Awesome intructors and very well organised!

Walter – Best course I have taken being a novice rider. All 3 instructors explained everything clear n were always on hand if u needed help I would recommend this place to anyone. After hr wheelie courses can be applied…lol

Francis – Excellente fin de semaine. Services bilingue. J’ai essayé beaucoup de moto et appris les vrais techniques de conduite moto.

Carmelle – L’expérience pour ce cour a été une réussite malgré la pluie .Super de bons instructeurs toujours le sourire et patient. Je vous recommande fortement d’y aller c’est une nouvelle expérience qu’il faut essayer.

Roland – This group of trainers were amazing to deal with even in the pouring rain falls , had a great session and would recommend, very informative and knowledgeable folks, 100 % in my books.

Chelsea – Learning any skill in a class like setting is nearly the worst possible situation for me but I appreciated how helpful, positive and encouraging my instructors were. I feel I’ve learned a lot and I’ll be on the bike soon, taking what I’ve learned to a parking lot near you haha.

Alain – Amazing weekend with amazing instructors

Carol – One of the best courses that I have attended – clearly explained and well supervised in the driving part of the exercise.

Kassidy – Instructors are very informative, patient, and want everyone to have fun while learning these new skills. Lots of different obstacles and challenges to try. I really enjoyed this course and highly recommend!

Corey – I couldn’t of chosen a better class then AMS. Instructors are top notch and the course itself is just fun and amazing.

Kevin – An exciting fast paced 3 days. Very well organized and great instructors. Thanks to all.

Ian – Supper friendly staff, they made it a great experience. It was fun and very informative. I would highly recommend this place for your licensing needs

Rozario – I found this program very useful. The staffs where friendly and helpful. I am glad I enrolled in this course I have already completed the written test online. I am waiting to get vision test done. I am good as far as being licensed to ride motorcycle. I like to say the course emphasizes safety first.

Nancy – What an awesome weekend!!! Was very excited and was super nervous all weekend but John, Martin and Kevin were very patient, funny, easy to talk too and very helpful. They want everyone to succeed… they will make you feel welcome and happy to have you. Thank you guys!! Recommend Atlantic motor skills to anyone who’s interested to become a “motor- biker”

Remi – Strongly suggest.