If you not familiar with New Brunswick’s Motorcycle Licence Process, click HERE.


First is the theory/lecture module, typically on Friday evening, where we all get introduced, look after the necessary administrative issues and begin learning about our new life as motorcyclists. We will discuss equipment requirements both for the course and make recommendations for you after you get on the road. In addition, there will be interactive discussions on a wide range of topics including a review of the different types of motorcycles, riding gear, basic maintenance, safety checks, controls, defensive driving techniques and potential road hazards to name a few.

The second through fifth modules, typically on Saturday and Sunday, take place on the parking lot where a “building block” approach to learning is utilized. You will literally start by learning the proper technique to mounting the motorcycle, learn superior slow riding skills and finally ride at higher speeds. You will learn, eye control, advanced steering techniques, how to stop and swerve at speed, ride curves efficiently, etc. All of our exercises are designed to keep you moving, with minimal downtime – in fact you will put on up to 50km on your weekend riding around the parking lot. (!) We have secured the largest riding range with as many road features as possible in our area. This both opens up the speeds of our course and spreads the riders over a larger area to create the most road-like experiences, thus providing the most practical techniques as possible. We also have a large, ever-changing assortment of Street-Standard, and Dual Sport motorcycles for your weekend, which will give you an idea of what you might like to own as your first motorcycle, if you are undecided. 

We strive to create a fun environment in which to gain all the skills you need to ride your motorcycle safely. Everyone develops habits – we want to ensure you learn good habits that will serve you well going forward. This along with your commitment to continuous learning and practice will go a long way to keeping you safe on the road.

Successful completion of this course results in a certificate entitling you to take Service New Brunswick’s (SNB) written test. A pass of this SNB test, as well as a vision test, will result in a graduated license. We will also provide assistance to help you prepare for the SNB written test.

Note: We will be providing Mid-Week courses a few times this summer. More info and availability will follow. You can navigate to this Special Mid-Week Course by clicking the “Book a Course” button below. 

$433.00 + HST