Street Survival Course

Simply put; a significant level of skill, knowledge and concentration are required to navigate today’s streets. It goes without saying that our machines lack airbags, crumple zones and seatbelts to rely on while navigating these increasingly dangerous roads. As we have mentioned several times during our Beginner Riders Course, riding a motorcycle requires your highest level of attention.

Concepts discussed and performed in our Street Survival Course (SSC) will provide food for though, which will assist you in transforming our biggest disadvantage (our size) into our advantage.

Part one of our course sees us returning to the practice range, where we re-visit some of our skills performed in our Beginner Riders Course. These exercises will include our infamous U-Turn box, 3m Slaloms, Counter-Steering, Straight Line Emergency Braking and Braking in a Curve. We have found that re-visiting these skills early, better prepares us for the rest of our day.

Part two sees us navigating the streets of Moncton. We spend a lot of time on track selection. We discuss: the offensive tracks of “Blocking and Turning,” tracks for optimum “Seeing and Being Seen,” and the defensive “Buffer” tracks that are vital where extra space and time are needed. It is rare that one track selection will satisfy all three objectives. We say, the mastery and decision process of the rider, will have a positive impact on safe riding.

Finally, part three will involve our favorite “Country Riding.” Out here, we discuss: Eye Control within Curves, Optimum Tracks for the best vision, Counter-Steering and Curve Apexes. Finally, a quick discussion on Group Riding which includes: when and when not to ride in the staggered formation and the role of the lead and tail gunner are covered.

All this, and an included lunch at midpoint.

Note: This only course is only offered a few times a year and when demand is high.    

$150.00 + HST