Our classes are up and are ready for booking. See the section below for details.

As the Province of New Brunswick’s Covid-19 health alert level has moved from Red to Orange on May 8, 2020, some restrictions on classes have been lifted. This current threat level has allowed classes to open all in-person programs subject to the COVID-19 general guidance, including physical distancing measures. The province has also stated that virtual education should be used for programs where possible.

Atlantic Moto Skills will continue to follow guidelines set forth by the government. We have developed an Atlantic Moto Skills “action plan” to lay-out changes to our program that are now in effect. Our Covid-19 manual has been shared, discussed and will be followed by all instructors at Atlantic Moto Skills. These changes include, but are not limited to: 

  • A move from an in-class environment to a virtual classroom environment for the lecture component (Friday Night Session) of our course.
  • Changes to all of our practical exercises that involve contact closer than 2m.
  • A cleaning schedule has been developed using approved disinfectant, with the approved DIN #. We also have on hand, other cleaning products, such as hand sanitizer for frequent student and instructor use.
  • The use of P.P.E. is in place. All instructors were provided with and were instructed on the proper use of face masks.

We look forward to meeting you. Despite these changes, we are confident we can provide the best possible training in our area, while working within the Province of New Brunswick’s guideline to help control the spread of Covid-19.

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