WELCOME…   Thank you for choosing Atlantic Moto Skills.

Below you will find an online version of the 10 sections featured in New Brunswick’s Driver’s handbook. We highly recommend reading each section before attempting your written test.  Keep in mind, the written test will include 20 questions on the handbook, 10 questions on Section 8 (which pertain to motorcycles), and 10 questions on signs.

We went through the handbook and recorded every number that is mentioned. There are many distances you have to remember. This list might be a better way to remember them.


Although many of us have another form of license, you are required to take the basic road test issued to all types of driver’s licenses. The questions within are generated by us, and are not pulled from Service New Brunswick’s written test. They are not exactly what you might see on the written exam. Note that Section 8 of the handbook is motorcycle specific. The quizzes on Section 8 are in the next section below. (4 X 20 Questions)


Section 8 is the section that is specific to motorcycles. To enter the graduated motorcycle licence you have to pass a test for section 8. Try these quizzes. (4 X 10 Questions)


As for the practical sessions that you will be attending, we have developed 2 “full” riding days worth of exercises in just under 20 different exercises. There are many skills to learn and master, but there are really only 3 that we consider our “Three Essential Skills.” In our experience, a rider who has mastered these has had no issues performing our exercises and evaluation. Click on the buttons below for an explanation of each.